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PGRO trials assistant

PGRO is a non-statutory levy body, with a team of technical specialists carrying out applied research in field legumes in the UK. We are based near Stamford in Lincolnshire and are currently seeking a temporary person to assist with several of our projects, particularly those investigating agro-ecological approaches to pest management, and surveillance of virus diseases in peas. The post is available from Tuesday 4th May 2021 until 16th July 2021, with a possibility of extended employment. 

Main duties:

Most work will be carried out in the field in all weather conditions, although there may be opportunities for glasshouse, laboratory and indoor work when appropriate. Travel to remote locations is part of the job, and therefore long days are sometimes required. Overtime is paid and some weekend work may be available.

Agro-ecological and crop virus surveillance trials:

  • Regular monitoring of pests and beneficial insects using pheromone and plant volatile trap systems, sweep netting, pitfall traps and sticky traps
  • Identification of pests and beneficial insects
  • Crop disease and pest damage identification
  • Measuring and marking out areas of the crop for further experimental work
  • Crop sampling for disease diagnosis
  • Soil sampling where appropriate
  • Packaging samples for analytical testing
  • Crop sampling at harvest and evaluation of yield 

Other field trials:

  • Measuring and marking out trials
  • Recording pests, diseases and weeds in replicated plots
  • Assisting with harvesting and processing of harvested material

Glasshouse trials:

  • Seed treatment screening trials for protection against diseases
  • Varietal evaluation for resistance to soil-borne diseases

Any other duties that are required from time to time.

If you are interested in this position, please contact
Dr Becky Howard on 07972 665604 or becky@pgro.org

PGRO is following Covid-19 guidance to protect our employees and a Covid-19 risk assessment is in place and must be adhered to. Due to the nature of our work, it is often necessary to travel together in vehicles. In these circumstances, masks are required to be worn at all times and regular use of hand sanitiser is required.