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Press Release 28.11.2019

Press Release 28.11.2019

Your invitation to the PGRO/Syngenta Pulse Road Shows 2019

We invite you along to the PGRO and Syngenta Pulse Crop Meetings. They offer the opportunity to learn more about pulse cropping and how to optimise them in your rotation.


Introduction: Roger Vickers, PGRO

Pulses - threats and opportunities post Brexit: Graham Redman, The Andersons Centre

Integrated farm management (IPM / IFM): PGRO

2018 season and trials review: Syngenta UK Ltd

Catch and cover crops in the rotation - a focus on the affect on soil: PGRO

Intercropping - the theory and experiences at PGRO: PGRO

All meetings will finish with a pie & pea meal

NRoSO and BASIS points will also be available

We look forward to seeing you there

Please note that booking is with Syngenta - and can be accessed via this link:


22nd January
All Saints Hotel
The Landscape Suite
Fornham St Genevieve
Bury St Edmunds
IP28 6JQ
Reference: CMP-019542
16.00-18.15 hrs

23rd January
Kingsgate Conference Centre
Carmichael Suite
2 Staplee Way
Reference: CMP-019543
16.00 - 18.15

24th January
The Parsonage Hotel & Spa
Crystal Suite
York Road
YO19 6EY
Reference: CMP-019544
16.00 - 18.15

29th January
Loyd Lindsay Rooms
Main hall
High Street
OX12 8PS
Reference: CMP-019546
16.00 - 18.15

30th January
Park House Hotel
Garden Suite
Park Street
TF11 9BA
Reference: CMP-019547
16.00 - 18.15

For Bookings please email: syn.events@syngenta.com with the subject line: PGRO/Syngenta Meetings 2019 - please quote the reference number, your name and number of attendees
visit the Syngenta website www.syngenta.co.uk/events
telephone 0800 6524215