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FarmingUK @FarmingUK Sep 11
A crop of LG Stallion blue peas yielded Lincolnshire grower Tim Lamyman a record 7.48 t/ha at 15.04% moisture https://t.co/H3SbnYvjTs
pgro @pgroresearch Sep 7
Never made houmous before however this is great, remarkably quick and simple but even better when made with Britis⦠https://t.co/2V3Je1LNXh

Press Release 26.07.2018

There is still time to enter this season’s PGRO Bean Yield Challenge which closes in a few days at midnight on Tuesday 31 July!

The annual prize is awarded to the grower of the top yielding field bean crop of the current 2017-18 season, irrespective of whether it is a greater or lesser yield year overall. So, if you have a good-looking bean crop on your farm - enter now - you could be this season’s winning grower! 

As well as the prize for each season, the absolute Bean Yield Challenge winner will be the first to achieve a verified yield of 10t/ha or more. This prize will be a 4-night tour to France for 4 guests, including a night in Paris and French pulse production and research visits.

Entry is simple and free and is open to any UK-based grower of any commercial UK-grown grain crop. Details are in the the latest issue of the PGRO Pulse Magazine … or go straight to the PGRO web site (http://www.pgro.org/bean-yield-challenge) before midnight on Tuesday 31 July. The rules and official entry form can be immediately downloaded for completion and then submitted electronically.