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Roadshow Archive


1. 2018- Another Challenging Year - Syngenta Trials and Observations: Simon Jackson and Max Newbert, Syngenta

2. Pulses – threats and opportunities post Brexit: Graham Redman, The Andersons Centre

3. Integrated Pest Management (IPM): Becky Howard, PGRO

4. Intercropping – the theory and experiences at PGRO: Steve Belcher, PGRO

5. Benefits of cover crops to soil health: Lea Herold, PGRO

A PDF of all five presentations can be downloaded here


1. Market overview: Roger Vickers, PGRO

2. 2017 Season and trials review: Simon Jackson, Syngenta UK Ltd

3. Sustainability and the future of insecticides: Max Newbert, Syngenta UK Ltd

4. Aphanomyces and yield decline in peas: Brian O'Loinsigh, Nottingham University

5. The Role of biostimulants - an overview: Jim Scrimshaw, PGRO

6. Bean row widths / PGRO APP: Steve Belcher, PGRO

2017 -

1. Syngenta Legume Portfolio & Stewardship - PGRO

2. Stem Nematodes and Field Bean Rotations PGRO

3. Foot Rots in Peas and Beans - PGRO

4. Sustainable Soil Management - PGRO

5. Rhizobia & Starter Fertiliser - PGRO

6. Row width in Spring Beans

7. BEPA Market update - PGRO

8. Gross Margins an alternative look - PGRO



1. BEPA Market and IYP report PGRO

2. Syngenta Legume Crop Protection PGRO

3. Optibean Project Bean Agronomy Tool PGRO

4. Pests Update PGRO

5. Downey Mildew and Beneficial Microbes PGRO

6. Harvesting PGRO

7. Beans for Feed PGRO



1. Roadshow PGRO

2. Exciting prospects for the UK Pulse Market in 2015/16 BEPA

3. Pulses and the Cap Reform

4. Syngenta



1. Varieties, Optibean & lessons from 2013 PGRO

2. Blackgrass -a continuing problem? Pulses can help PGRO

3. The Good and the Bad PGRO

4. BruchidCast and pest update Syngenta PGRO

A PDF of all four presentations can be downloaded here