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Our web site is a resource for all interested in the UK pulse crop – whether a grower, agronomist, researcher, member of the agricultural trade or of the media.

As the UK's centre of excellence for peas and beans, the PGRO has a long and highly valued track record of providing authoritative, up to date information and project work based on solid, reliable research.

The PGRO is a non statutory levy body supported by our grower members, the UK trade and also by a substantial amount of outside funding for our research work. This is carried out both on our own and in partnership with UK, European and worldwide research and commercial organisations.

We are proud of our stability and consistency over the years. As a forward-looking organization, the PGRO team will continue to develop our services to the benefit of our levy payers as well as our research-based and commercial partners.

Much of our web site content is open to all, but certain key parts are necessarily restricted to our members.  If you are involved in the UK pulse crop in any way, please contact us to discuss PGRO membership.

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  • PEA MOTH ... SILVER Y MOTH ... BEAN SEED FLY ... APHIDS  … BRUCHID BEETLE  Pea moth Pea moths have been recorded in some regions of the UK over the last few days and in some cases more than 10 moths in a single trap have been observed. Predicted spray dates for regions can be found on the PGRO website at ......