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New web page outlines opportunity and PhD studies taking place with PGRO. https://t.co/zo1JrnUcOm
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Health benefits of pulses https://t.co/RobOHFLOpB https://t.co/ETyz43GUcj

PGRO Diary of Events

PGRO Diary of Events
PGRO Events Date Venue
Vining Pea Day June Nocton
Pulse Crop Field Day 3 July

Stubton, near Newark

PGRO/BEPA Joint Events Date Venue
Cereals Event 2018 13 and 14 June

Duxford, Cambridgeshire

BEPA Events Date Venue
British Dal Festival 19 to 25 March


Suffolk Schools Day 19 April

Suffolk Show Ground

Essex Schools Day 6 June

Writtle Agricultural College

Open farm weekend 9 and 10 June

Park Farm, Thorney

BEPA Summer Day  21 June   


Kids Country 29 June

Peterborough Showground

Selected UK & European* Events Date Venue
FIE Europe 3-5 December 2019

Paris, France