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Bean Yield Challenge

A generation ago, the Ten Tonne Club for wheat helped to change the aspirations of the best growers to their wheat growing.

PGRO believe it is now time to do the same for the bean crop and have issued the PGRO Bean Yield Challenge towards growing a 10 tonne feld bean crop by 2020.

The Challenge is open to any UK-based grower of any commercial UK-grown grain crop and will run annually until crop 2020 - or until the frst 10t/ha crop is validated, whichever is the sooner.

A prize trophy will be awarded annually for the highest verified yield for each crop year starting with the 2016-2017 year.

The absolute Yield Challenge winner will be the frst grower to achieve a verifed yield of 10t/ha or more. In the event that two or more growers achieve the 10t/ha goal in the same crop year, the grower producing the highest yield will be declared the winner.

For more information about the Challenge & to read the rules, please open/download our Information Sheet.

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