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PGRO - Applied Crop Research - The Centre Of Excellence For Peas & Beans

PGRO Varieties

PGRO has a long history of variety evaluations including:


Combinable crops
Combining peas, Field beans, Lupins, Navy beans, Mustard, Chick peas and lentils.

Our primary focus is combining peas and field beans.  Through pulse levy funding PGRO conducts Recommended List trials for these crops. Recommended Lists are produced annually and these are available from the links on this page.

Vegetable Legumes
Vining pea, Green beans, Broad beans

PGRO conducts the only independent trialing of vining peas and green beans in the UK.  Trials are funded by seedsmen, but other sources of funding are obtained for specific projects.  Variety Lists for vining peas, green beans are produced annually and these are available from the links on this page.

Other crops
Carrots, Parsnips, Onions and other vegetable species for yield or demonstration trials.

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