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Press Release - 25.11.16:


The latest issue of the Vining Pea Guide has been published and is available online now (please follow this link to open in a new browser window), with printed copies available on request from PGRO.

Extract from the Introduction … "The introduction of new pea varieties calls for close liaison between growers, processors and plant breeders. PGRO through independent trialling is the prime link between the three parties.

The tables in the guide describe briefly the yield and characteristics of varieties evaluated over recent years with details of other varieties available on request."


1. Introduction
2. Key to breeder and source of varieties
3. Descriptive Lists of peas and their characters
3.1 Standard size vining peas – ornhaugh/Nocton
3.2 Standard size vining peas - Holbeach
3.3 Petit pois vining peas - Holbeach
4. Pea growth stage definitions
5. PGRO Vining Pea Technical Updates and other useful publications