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Russell Corfield @peamanruss Jul 19
As fast as AGL pod squad harvest the peas the haulm is being baled and wrapped for the cows for winter feed. #peas… https://t.co/de1nJfRkLg
Sean Sparling ARAgS @sasagronomy Jul 19
Spring beans showing a pattern. Bruchid larvae seem to be infrequent & in bottom pods only. 5 pods off one plant sh… https://t.co/b00dIZTz88


Pulse growers, advisers and members of the trade attended the PGRO Pulse Field Day at Stubton on 2nd July to hear explanations of the multitude of applied research trials and the latest thoughts on crop agronomy.

Dr Becky Howard, PGRO’s R&D Manager, explained current work on bruchid control: “There are two actives currently approved and we are conducting trials to find the best sequence, timing and rates to give the optimum course of action tailored to the bruchid threat in each season.

“This is important work as bruchids have caused major issues in the last two seasons, and is the most-mentioned threat to a successful crop – especially for growers targeting the human consumption market.”

Dr Lea Herold, PGRO’s Plant Pathologist was on hand to discuss the latest work on biostimulants: “This levy-funded research work is looking at combining peas, spring beans – and vining peas - over four seasons.

“The research is focused on the value of different soil, seed and foliar products and how they can influence yield and factors such as chlorophyll and protein.

“It is important to stress that biostimulants are complementary to regular agronomic practice not a replacement - we are looking at helping the crop to help itself.”

The Field Day also featured the full range of PGRO research work such as intercropping and row width trials – plus Recommended List trial plots of current and candidate pea and bean varieties.