Processors and Growers Research Organisation


The prime activity of PGRO is applied research in all aspects of pulses and vegetable legume production throughout the UK. The principal crops are peas (both for dry harvest (combining peas) and freezing (vining peas), field beans, broad beans, green beans. Additional legume crops include Phaseolus (dry) beans and grain lupins.

The research and development programmes for pulses and vegetable legumes are regularly and frequently reviewed by expert representatives from across the industry, with input from PGRO staff.

A number of projects are carried out in collaboration with other research organisations as part of a wider network across different crop groups.

Most of the research is undertaken through field trials, glass house and laboratory experiments. Trial grounds are located in the main production areas to take into account differences in climate and soil types and pest or disease pressure.

Much of the work of the PGRO is funded by the crop levies but addition research projects are undertaken with grants from the EU, Defra, BBSRC, AHDB-HDC, Innovate UK and others.

Most studies are undertaken by PGRO's own team of technical staff but contracted assistance from other organisations is utilised where appropriate.

Results of the research are freely available to levy payers and associate members. An advisory services is also provided by the PGRO technical team responsible for the R and D programme.

PGRO has also extended its range of R and D subjects to include other crops including carrots, parsnips other vegetables and a wider range of niche combinable crops. Such work is undertaken on a contractual basis and details can be found on this site under “Contract Services”.

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