Processors and Growers Research Organisation


The objectives of LEGVALUE were; to define platforms for change to help deliver greater EU self-sufficiency in vegetable protein production; to identify opportunities for innovation, the adding of value to markets and all participants in the value chains and; to recognise opportunities to influence change, be they at commercial, research or at policy level.
The ultimate benefits being the fostering of greater, more profitable legume and pulse production in the EU to satisfy a larger more valuable and diverse market to the financial benefit of all in the value chains and to deliver social and environmental benefits to all.
Some of the more significant project outputs are preserved through these pages.

The project concluded with the transformation of the partners into the LIN Legume Innovation Network. [LIN-Logo/right] a stakeholders’ forum designed to promote awareness of new insights, services or requirements for commercially competitive production and consumption of legume crops in Europe. The aim being to link industry with researchers, policy makers, civic organisations, brokers/traders and consultants throughout Europe and wider afield.

The group established on LinkedIn, is open to anyone wishing to connect. The LIN brought together the Legvalue Project with the TRUE project (Transition paths to sustainable legume based systems in Europe) in an extended joint virtual seminar. Broken into smaller presentations and discussion the videos are accessible through the LIN You Tube channel.