Processors and Growers Research Organisation

R&D Strategy

1. Improve AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTIVITY by delivering YIELD STABILITY and improved QUALITY. Improve understanding and quantification of factors that influence yield and quality:

  • Plant breeding and genetic improvement
  • Agronomy
  • Varietal evaluation
  • Production continuity
  • Resource management
  • Crop protection – pest, disease and weed management
  • Integrated Pest Management

2. SOIL HEALTH and plant and soil biological interactions greatly influence pulse crops. Improve understanding of factors affecting soil health:

  • Soil structure
  • OM content
  • Microbial populations
  • Impacts of soil health on pathogens
  • Management practices to improve soil health
  • Use of regenerative agriculture techniques for soil health

3.  Deliver CROP NUTRITION plans for modern production techniques providing recommendations for optimum performance of UK pulses:

  • P and K requirements
  • Trace elements
  • Root development
  •  Protein content

4.  ENVIRONMENTAL CHANGE will influence future cropping techniques.  Measure impacts of changing environment on legume production and investigate techniques for remediation:

  • Sustainable systems
  • Climate impact on pest and disease occurrence
  • Greenhouse gas emissions
  • Environmental benefits of legumes in farming systems
  • Future legume crop alternatives
  • Irrigation

5.  LEGISLATION UPDATES: To provide relevant information that can be used to impact and promote production and consumption. Review crop protection priorities based on changes to pesticide approvals.

  • Promote production and consumption of legumes
  • Update on Environmental Land Management Scheme (ELMS)
  • Update on impacts of Brexit
  • Identify and anticipate changes in product registration
  • Develop new IPM systems for improved crop management

6. KNOWLEDGE EXCHANGE: For all priorities identified, disseminate outcomes of work carried out at PGRO, and in collaboration with other organisations and institutes, to provide improved crop production recommendations: