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Vining Pea Tool

The PGRO Vining Pea Tool is an online forecasting system allowing users to view advanced predictions of harvest dates and yields of vining pea crops. Using crop data combined with remotely-sensed weather data, multispectral canopy reflectance and powerful machine learning, users can generate forecasts far in advance of current capabilities.

PGRO has developed this innovative forecasting system using over 20 years of historic commercial vining pea data. Aiming to reduce the wastage and inefficient processing associated with fluctuating and unpredictable vining pea harvests as well as the requirement for extensive quality sampling prior to harvest, the tool presents an advancement in the technology available to the vining pea industry.

Users can simply upload field boundaries and crop data (templates are available for download within the app), and the tool will do the rest, automatically pulling together the required weather, spatial, and satellite data.

Features include:

  • User authentication and secure login.
  • Yield and harvest date forecasts which can be generated from drilling. Full-flowering dates are estimated for incomplete entries, meaning a full harvest period schedule can be produced at the beginning of the season for an even greater lead-time. More accurate forecasts are available once full-flowering date has been entered by the user.
  • Downloadable results table showing harvest date, yield, and total tonnage for each crop, which can work in conjunction with current harvest management methods.
  • Day-by-day harvest date visualisation using the Planner Tool.
  • Graphical representation of daily total expected tonnage and hectares to be harvested, enabling peaks in troughs in production to be visualised.
  • Sentinel-2 colour (RGB) imagery and NDVI maps throughout the season, enabling an aerial view of entire crops. Use the Satellite Viewer feature to identify potentially high-yielding areas, or areas of low establishment or disease and improve crop insights.

Using the Tool

Usage of the tool is charged at £10 per hectare for levy payers, calculated by the total area of vining pea crop uploaded into the tool.

An important part of using the Vining Pea Tool is the understanding that it requires recent data to enable continuous improvement in a changing climate. In order to keep the prediction models and tool up to date and working optimally, users can enter actual harvest dates, yields, and TR values as they become known throughout the season.

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