Processors and Growers Research Organisation



S01 E03 - The NCS Project: The Defining Project of Our Time

In this episode, host Ben Pike speaks to the CEO of PGRO, Roger Vickers, and the founder of BOFIN, Tom Allen-Stevens, about the Nitrogen Climate Smart Project, what it is and why farmers should get involved. How do we increase the pulse area to reduce carbon emissions and displace soya imports?


S01 E02 - Intercrop Innovations: Inside the PGRO's crop trials

In this episode, Matt Webster speaks with PGRO's Principle Technical Officer Stephen Belcher about the PGRO's Intercropping trials, as well as speaking to Dr Becky Howard about Trap Cropping, and Shona Duffy about lentil growth in the UK.


S01 E01 - Heard It on the Pea Vine

In the podcast's first episode, our host Ben Pike spoke to Dr Chris Judge, PGRO's Senior Technical Officer, at the PGRO's Vining Pea Open Day in June, where he talked us through the various trials that were taking place involving vining peas and the PGRO's Descriptive List.