Processors and Growers Research Organisation

Farmer Lead Field Scale Evaluations

PGRO has worked for decades with growers hosting small scale plot trials for the assessment of varieties and the performance of new products available in the supply chain.

In addition, in more recent times field scale evaluations have become increasingly common place.

We work with growers on projects or farmers own trials to ensure trial design, monitoring, data capture and interpretation are carried out to best effect.

Recent and current field scale trials include:

  • Intercropping, assessing practicalities and benefits
  • The effects of cover and catch crops
  • Trap cropping for pest control
  • Pest monitoring systems
  • Remote sensing of crop developments at field scale
  • Mechanical weeding practicalities
  • Crop scale nutrition

PGRO is open for working directly with growers of pulses and vegetable legumes.

If you are planning field scale crop trials and would like input to help maximise their effectiveness and the knowledge return, please get in touch.