Processors and Growers Research Organisation

Tenderometer Standardisation

PGRO operates a scheme in conjunction with the Campden BRI to ensure that Master instruments give accurate results.

This service is available to members of PGRO and a proportion of the fee is forwarded to Campden BRI for their part in maintaining the independent national standard for tenderometer values.

Checks between the Master Tenderometers are undertaken regularly throughout the season using carefully prepared peas of three different maturities. Anyone wishing to calibrate their machine to the PGRO Master, can take part in the scheme.

During 2011 the consistency of the digital machinery was accepted and since the 2012/13 season the switch has been made to the new Dodman digital tenderometer, retaining the traditional Martin machine as back up.

Dodman continue to work on the development of synthetic calibration materials for the digital equipment and it is hoped that a new standardisation technique will be available to increase the reliability and consistency of this essential quality testing
measurement in due course.