ORETO Accreditation

PGRO facilities and staff have been officially-recognised to carry out work to ORETO standards. This accreditation embodies a set of principles that provide a framework within which PGRO's research work is planned, performed, monitored, recorded, reported and archived.

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Field Based Research Facilities


The PGRO carry out a large number of field trials annually.

We are ready to take on contract trials and reporting work in all areas of crop evaluation-

  • Variety trials in a range of environments
  • The evaluation of new crop protection products and their development, in association with manufacturers
  • Fertilizer trials
  • General agronomy trials
  • New species evaluation trials
  • The study of seed vigour, health and protection
  • Husbandry requirements for each crop
  • The control and commercial significance of pests, diseases and disorders
  • Machinery evaluation
  • Crop management and timing