Processors and Growers Research Organisation

Lure-and-kill technology to manage beetle pests (Sitona lineatus and Bruchus rufimanus) of field beans and peas - 2018

The project aims to develop a ‘lure and kill’ system for the control of Sitona lineatus (pea and bean weevil) and Bruchus rufimanus (bruchid beetle) using a biological control agent Beauveria bassisana. This is a naturally occurring pathogen in the UK known to infect beetle pests. The pests will be attracted to inoculation stations using pheromone and plant volatile lures, where they will be infected with the pathogen and spread the infection to the population. This will be compared to a similar system using conventional insecticides. Sponsored by Agri-Tech Catalyst (Innovate UK - 101910)/ PGRO/ BASF/ Rothamsted Research/ Oecos/ Exosect/ Velcourt Ltd.