Processors and Growers Research Organisation

Optibean - Improving the availability of UK sourced protein feed through new faba bean varieties, production and utilisation systems - 2015

The project aims to optimise inputs for field beans whilst maximising outputs. PGRO work involves agronomy studies to assess the yield response to time of sowing and plant populations of both winter and spring beans. In addition, a series of trials examining the response to fungicide applications for chocolate spot and rust, and aphicide applications for pea and black bean aphid were carried out. At a further 10 sites, soil SNS in winter cereals following beans and oilseed rape was determined, and N uptake of the following winter wheat was assessed. Other work packages investigate the use of field beans in animal feed rations and breeding field beans for improved yield stability. The project ends in Nov 2015 and a web-based decision support agronomy tool will be available for grower use. Sponsored by the Sustainable Agri-Food Innovation Platform (Innovate UK – 101082) PGRO and industry partners. A collaborative project lead by Wherry and Sons.