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PGRO Crop Update Number 3:  30th May 2024

PGRO Crop Update: CB2403

Field bean rust

Bean rust is appearing in winter bean crops and is favoured by warm days and cool, humid nights. The disease appears as orange to red-brown pustules on the leaves, becoming prolific in suitable conditions, and stems may also become infected. Severe infections may lead to premature defoliation, and poor pod formation and development.
The following active substances will give good control of both chocolate spot and rust:

Active substance Product
Azoxystrobin various
Azoxystrobin + tebuconazole Custodia; Seraphin
Boscalid + pyraclostrobin Signum; Darwin; Pyrabos
Benzovindiflupyr + prothioconazole Elatus Era; Levee; Lizard; Pro-Benzo; Tacanza Era; Velogy Era
Metconazole various
Tebuconazole various


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