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New series of masterclass videos


The Processors and Growers Research Organisation (PGRO) has unveiled a new series of masterclass videos, featuring practical advice for pulse growers on cover cropping, integrated pest management, and tackling pea and bean diseases.

Hosted on YouTube, the videos give growers detailed information on how to grow better pulse crops, based on PGRO’s years of research and experience. 

The cover cropping masterclass details work carried out by PGRO in partnership with GPC, Birdseye, HMC and Elsoms over five years that showed vining peas can yield up to 1.5 tonnes per hectare more if they are planted after a cover crop. 

In his presentation, Tom Jelden, Technical Officer, explains how during trials, the cover crops captured high levels of soil mineral nitrogen, and that researchers found a link between berseem clover and winter vetch and the reduction of foot rot risk in vining peas.

PGRO's Dr Becky Howard, Research and Development Manager, presents how to monitor and assess pest populations ahead of the season with tips on how this can aid an integrated pest management strategy, and Lea Herold, plant pathologist, advises growers on the symptoms of common diseases to watch out for in peas and beans before they occur, including foot rot, downy mildew, powdery mildew, chocolate spot, and sclerotinia. 

In a new topic for 2022, PGRO’s Molecular Biologist Ana Lages’ masterclass guides growers through what to do when sending soil and seed samples to be tested at PGRO’s lab. 

Chief Executive Roger Vickers said: “With limited opportunities to meet growers face to face, the team has been producing more virtual presentations to farmers. 

“Due to the popularity of the videos produced in 2021, we have revisited our presentations to refresh the material and make relevant for this coming season. The aim is to help growers plan to tackle common pests and diseases in peas and beans, which is more important than ever with the loss of key disease control products over the last few years.  Our team delivers invaluable advice on how to use our services and learn from our trials to make better informed decisions in the year ahead.”

Four videos are available to watch online:

Molecular Services
IPM tools for legumes
Cover cropping
Disease management in peas and beans

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