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PGRO and ADAS announce that entry is now open for both Pea YEN 2020 and Bean YEN 2020, and are inviting growers to join and take the next step towards achieving their yield potential. The YENs are farmer-to-farmer benchmarking exercises designed for the sharing of knowledge, and stimulating growers to measure what they are doing against others.

Roger Vickers, Chief Executive of PGGO, explains: “with knowledge and new ideas gained, the aim is for growers to improve their own production. The drive is to produce higher performing crops and economic output. And we stress that there is no individual winner to be found in the pulse YEN scenario - they are not competitions!”

“In 2019, potential pulse grain yields in the UK generally exceeded 7 t/ha for peas, 13 t/ha for spring beans and 14 t/ha for winter beans.

“Key benefits to a grower of joining one of the pulse YENS are that you can learn about your potentials - based on local weather and soil information - and receive lab analysis of soil and crop samples plus post harvest analysis and reports to understand yield drivers and constraints.

“In addition, you can benchmark your crop and management practice against other farms – your entries can be whole fields, part fields or research plots.

“And at the end of the season, all YEN members can attend the Annual Results meeting for idea sharing, discussion and networking.”

Both the YEN initiatives are run by ADAS in conjunction with support from PGRO and are industry initiatives supported by corporate sponsorship and open to all organisations, agronomists and farmers who are striving to close the gap between current yields and potential yields.

For more information, or to register, all interested should email or


  1. Entrant costs per Pea/Bean YEN entry are £250 for individual farmers; sponsored entries for official Pea/Bean YEN 2020 sponsors are £250; and for other organisations: £350. (All +VAT)
  2. Any organisations interested in becoming an official commercial sponsor of Pea YEN 2020 or Bean YEN 2020 should contact the above email addresses.
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