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Press Release 06.07.2018


Speaking at the PGRO pulse field day at Stubton near Newark, CEO Roger Vickers reminded bean growers that 31 July is the closing date for this season’s Bean Yield Challenge. “The challenge is now in its third season with a prize trophy awarded annually for the highest verified yield of field beans each crop year. Although it has been a variable growing season so far, I am impressed by how well the field beans in our Stubton trials site look this year. So, if you have a good-looking bean crop on your farm, remember that this prize is for the top yielding crop of the current 2017-18 growing season, irrespective of whether it is a greater or lesser yield year overall.

“Our objective is to provide the same impetus for beans as the wheat Ten Tonne Club which changed the aspirations of the best growers a generation ago. Hence, the PGRO Bean Yield Challenge has the target of growing a 10 tonne field bean crop by 2020.
“The Challenge is open to any UK-based grower of any commercial UK-grown grain crop and will take place every year until crop 2020 - or until the first 10t/ha crop is validated - whichever is the sooner.
“As well as the prize each season, the absolute Bean Yield Challenge winner will be the first grower to achieve a verified yield of 10t/ha or more. The prize for that achievement will be a 4-night tour to France for 4 guests, including a night in Paris and French pulse production and research visits.
“You could be this season’s winning grower! Entry is simple and free - so register by 31st and accept the PGRO’s challenge.

“Details are in the latest issue of the PGRO Pulse Magazine, or you can go straight to the short registration form on the PGRO web site: http://www.pgro.org/bean-yield-challenge. The rules and official entry form can then be immediately downloaded for completion and then submitted electronically.”