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Pulse crops are key components of a sustainable rotation yet, as many will appreciate, there is still plenty of potential for crop improvement. For example, it is estimated that the biophysical potential for pea yields for the UK environment is up to 12 t/ha.

“With rises in the interest of vegetable proteins and the challenges in establishing oilseed rape, peas and beans may become the break crops of choice for many growers,” says Roger Vickers, Chief Executive of PGRO.

“Pulse crop Yield Enhancement Networks (YENs) - provide growers with the bench marking to achieve a perfect pulse crop.

“The aim is to help growers gain a better understanding of yield formation and to identify the most common factors constraining yields in the UK.”

Mr Vickers stresses that the Pea YEN and Bean YENs are not competitions. They are based solely on ‘Share to Learn’ principles. As a result, entries do not require verified weighbridge tickets for reporting yield, hence increasing the accessibility of the networks to growers.

With the 2020 season setting sail - and thanks to the enthusiasm of commercial supporters - a number of fully sponsored opportunities are available for entrants for both the Pea YEN and the Bean YEN.

Participation is not onerous and simple clear protocols are provided for crop monitoring, hence there is nothing to lose and lot to gain. Interested growers should contact ADAS now using the following links:

Pea YEN 2020 https://www.yen.adas.co.uk/projects/pea-yen or email peayen@adas.co.uk

Bean YEN 2020 https://www.yen.adas.co.uk/projects/bean-yen or email beanyen@adas.co.uk

Or contact PGRO directly by emailing roger@pgro.org

“There are a significant number of sponsored entries available - but they will be allocated on a first come basis. Thereafter entry is £250 per grower, so growers are encouraged to contact ADAS or PGRO now to make the next step towards achieving their perfect pulse crop,” adds Mr Vickers.